This is my first collective, but not my first domain. I got my first domain ages ago, it was just a blog, it was DistinctMinds.net I believe, I don't know why I picked that name but I did. After the first year, I let it expire, and then I bought another one Kiss-Me.org, I had that for a short time as well, it was a blog, I gave it to a one of my online friends, that had it for years after.

I didn't want another domain, so instead I had a Livejournal account that I didn't really update much, eventually that just faded into the night, and I went blogless for a long time until recently, I felt like blogging again, and then shortly after I started to like the idea of making fanlistings, so then Cloud Nine was born.

Cloud Nine, just popped into my head one day, it must of been a day I was feeling very happy, as I am very happy in life at the moment, sure some things can change to make it even better, but that name is how I was feeling, whether I change the name, will remain to be seen, and that is why I didn't make the effort of getting another domain just for a collective, when I have plenty of space here.

cloud nine
noun informal
a feeling of extreme happiness or euphoria, feeling like you're floating on air.